Fri. Jun 18th, 2021

On 1/1/2021, Command Family Medicine opened its second location in Branson, MO. This will be the first direct primary care clinic in Branson. They will be primarily taking care of the employees and dependents of Sight and Sound Theaters. This partnership allowed them to start with 150 members. They will start by subleasing 2 rooms from Providence Aesthetics and Medical Spa.

Dr. Charlie Rasmussen of Table Rock Family Medicine and Obstetrics will be the physician at this location. He was Dr. Luke Van Kirk’s (the owner of Command Family Medicine) attending in residency and Dr. Luke could not be more thrilled that he is joining the Command team. Once Sight and Sound’s employees/dependents are onboarded, Command Family Medicine will open up enrollment to individuals and other businesses in the area. Thanks to Dr. Chris Lupold of Alere Family Health in Strasburg, PA, this opportunity was possible. After securing a contract with Sight and Sound Theaters at their Pennsylvania location, he recommended Command Family Medicine to their leadership as the DPC clinic to partner with for their Branson location.

6800cookie-checkCommand Family Medicine Opens Second DPC Practice in Branson, Missouri.

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