Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

Daily Inter Lake reported an update on Dr. Morgan Coleman’s Big Mountain Family Medicine practice in Whitefish, MT.

Since opening opening about 3 months ago, about 100 patients have joined the practice, which is pretty typical for a new DPC practice. She plans to cap the enrollment at about 600 patients. Family doctors in the traditional system typically have 1,500-2,000 patients. “It’s just a fraction of what others are taking on and it really shows in the amount of time I get to spend interacting with and helping patients,” Coleman said.

Dr. Coleman attended medical school at the University of New Mexico and completed her residency in Spokane, WA.  Having both grown up in rural settings, Morgan and her husband moved their family to the beautiful Flathead Valley in 2017 to raise their children in a tight-knit small community and enjoy the amazing outdoor recreation opportunities of northwest Montana.

DPC News wishes Dr. Coleman and the other DPC docs in the Flathead Vally continued success.

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