Mon. May 10th, 2021

When you google Direct Primary Care you will often see articles come up about Direct Contracting. Are they the same? Hell, no.

Let me highlight this article, which glorifies this crap, to show you the difference:

To solve these problems, Valley Oaks Med moves to implement programs and structures to control costs while providing high quality value based medical services. Mr. Charan currently is developing a program involving direct contracting with Medicare and Medicare Advantage programs  to benefit medicare eligible seniors.

Valley Oaks Med focuses on acquiring physician clinics that are currently serving high volumes of Medicare patients and introducing programs and procedures that will streamline the operations and further the care coordination aspect of healthcare at these clinics.

Mr. Charan is expecting to put in place direct contracting with Medicare as well as Medicare Advantage capitation plans with commercial providers which will enable value-based payments. This business model aligns incentives as it improves health and financial outcomes for both payers and patients.

When asked about the challenges he’s faced, Mr. Charan explains, “There is stiff competition from large companies to target and buy Primary Care clinics. There are also a few small, regional,  well-funded groups that are acquiring physician practices as well.”

So there you have it. High volumes. Streamlined operations. Providers. Incentives. Financial outcomes. Buying primary clinics.

Direct contracting is the same old industrialized model. It’s whipped cream on dog sh%t.

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