Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

Our Goals:

Teach physicians how to lay the foundation, build, & optimize writing for books, blogs & op-eds.

Provide networking opportunities for physicians looking for promotion of ideas, or existing books. Make this an exciting, unforgettable experience.

Accomplish all of this while keeping it all light & fun. We want to be here for each other and grow together.


SoMeDocs Physician Writers Summit

Optimizing Physician Writing for Books, Blogs & Op-Eds


We are hard at work, gathering different physician writers into ONE space, where we will focus on WRITING for 3 full days.

The summit is being built now, produced by SoMeDocs and hosted by Dr. Candace Good and Dana Corriel, whose aim is to get physicians learning, networking, and growing.

Join us for this special LIVE virtual event February 11-13th, and use this portal to follow along in the material for the course. You will receive 3-month access to course information built, so if you miss anything, you can always come back.

(This event is independent of DPC News. If you want to publicize your event or know of another event we should showcase then email us at: support at

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