Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

News on 6 out of Tulsa, OK reports that local healthcare workers are more stressed-out than at this time last year and some are leaving the industry. One of our own gave his opinions:

“Morale is probably at an all-time low right now,” said Dr. Chris Sudduth, a cofounder of Remedy Health Direct Primary Care in Tulsa. Overwhelmed workers are asking everyone to do their part.

Sudduth is also one of the earliest COVID-19 survivors in Oklahoma after he became infected in March 2020. He said he got the vaccine after it became available and does not understand why so many people are still choosing not to.

“Some folks are, in some cases, belligerent about getting the vaccine or wearing a mask,” said Sudduth. “We’re not enemies. We’re not opposing each other here. We are all one Oklahoma, and we are at war with a virus.”

Kudos to Dr. Sudduth for speaking your truth and representing DPC well.

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