Fri. Jun 18th, 2021

Dr. Omar Akhter owns Madina Medicine in Austin, TX. In his recent interview on Austin’s Studio 512, Dr. Akhter spoke about how the direct primary care model is a perfect fit for his practice’s philosophy of treating patients in a holistic manner.

Dr. Akhter is taking Primary Care back to a time when the top priority was the Physician-patient relationship. Our chronic disease burden is rising and it’s becoming clearer that our current, conventional model of disease management is failing – significantly! Our heavy reliance on pharmaceuticals to ‘manage’ symptoms are not leading to better outcomes in patients. There is a silent movement growing that realizes we need to take a more ‘root cause’ approach to chronic disease. One in which we can understand the body as a whole and use the various lifestyle changes that have been extensively studied and proven to halt and reverse chronic disease. With the demand for this type of medicine growing, patients need more options to seek out personalized medicine with Physicians that focus on this. Our practice provides just that option. A unique and integrative approach to understand complex patients and an in-depth treatment plan focused around nutrition, exercise, supplements and stress relief. All for one low monthly fee.

Kudos to Dr. Akhter for spreading the message of DPC in the Austin, TX. community.

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