Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

KDKA 2 CBS Pittsburgh featured Dr. Gentile in its piece about alternatives to traditional health insurance. Natalie Gentile operates Gentile Family Direct Primary Care in Pittsburgh, PA.

Under DPC, she and her fellow doctors try to create stronger patient-doctor relationships. “I think, now more than ever, having that physician that you can easily access and run things by is very important,” Dr. Gentile said.

The story also did a great job in talking about how DPC is a great fit for small businesses. Don Mahaney offers direct primary care at Gentile Family Direct Primary Care to the employees of his local small business, Scratch and Company. HIs business now covers doctor visits, while they all contribute to a health share plan for emergencies. He says it actually saves his business about $500 a month.

Dr. Gentile knows how important it is to keep getting your message out there in as many ways as you can. She has also been featured in DPC News on 1-17-21, 1-16-21 and 3-22-21. We also featured her My DPC Story on 3-26-21.

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