Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

Another DPC doc is highlighted in a local article and this time it is Dr. Lexi Tabor-Manaker. You can read about it here but the quick summary is that local patients are having difficulties in getting their COVID vaccine and there is a question of whether the concierge or DPC practices are somehow getting it to their patients first. It turns out…no.

Here are some quotes:

Dr. Lexi Tabor-Manaker with Glacier Direct Primary Care in Kalispell said first and foremost, private practices such as hers are not slated to receive vaccines for distribution. She added that giving a shot to whomever they see fit is an ethical line local doctors are not likely to cross. 

“There is no way to skip any line nor would any doctor I know try to do that for a patient, nor would any patient I have ever try such a thing,” she said. “My patients have quick access to me, which is the beauty of Direct Primary Care, but they get the same answer that the newspaper, internet and hospital-owned offices give to their patients. They get the health department phone number and I tell them to leave their info to get on the list [to be vaccinated].”

We love that Dr. Tabor-Manaker drops in “the beauty of DPC” into the conversation. Great job.

Here is the Glacier Direct Primary Care website.

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