Fri. Jun 18th, 2021

Here is another star in the DPC community just doing her thing and making a difference. Allison Edwards, MD of Kansas City Direct Primary Care worked with a local “decarceration” activist in the community to get COVID-19 testing for under-served communities. You can find the full story and video here.

“My entire mission in being a physician is to make sure that we call out the inequities in the healthcare system. And so that is my ambition, long term, is to always stand up and say, this is where there’s gaps. These are where there are holes,” Edwards said.

It is so awesome that being a DPC doctor allows doctors the time and motivation to do the things that means so much to the local community.

“Our ambition would be to partner with the local health department, with the states to be able to get vaccines into those areas. So we can see vaccine rates increase all over the metro,” Edwards said.

We want to celebrate another great DPC doctor in the news. You are our hero, Dr. Edwards.

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