Fri. Jun 18th, 2021

Welcome to our inaugural episode of DPC News Television. We brought on Tic because we really needed a great anchorperson. Douloureux has been in broadcasting for over thirty years. He has worked as an announcer, disc jockey, and newsman for stations from California to New York City. After retiring in 2007 he has graciously accepted our offer to host our show on a sporadic basis. He is an avid fan of Direct Primary Care and parrots.

In this episode he highlights:

  • New DPC practices that have recently opened.
  • DPC and HSAs and the bill (Primary Care Enhancement Act) being introduced to fix the situation.
  • New Sasquatch sitings.

Let’s welcome Tic with a warm DPC community embrace, shall we?

*(Editor’s Note: DPC News is not responsible for some of what Tic Douloureux says. His opinions may NOT represent the DPC News site or anyone else involved with the DPC News site.)

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