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Why Doctors Should Consider Switching to Direct Primary Care Models

Why Doctors Should Consider Switching to Direct Primary Care Models

So much has been written about how direct primary care has confronted many challenges with a large number of primary care doctors saying they’re set to leave medical practice if they could. Doctors who are willing to move to a DPC model will find a lot of benefits that will make the switch worthy of consideration.

Doctors will have more time with their patients and spend less time in insurance payment hassle. Malpractice premiums will be reduced by 50% and doctors will have more take home pay.



In his interesting article written for, Avado CEO and author David Chase wrote:

I predict in under two years that the primary care physician who doesn’t have at least 10% of their patients paying this way will be the exception to the rule. The economics and results are simply too compelling to ignore. Consider that the byproduct has been the following:

  • Combining a DPC model with a high deductible wrap-around policy saves 20-50% off of a typical health premium for a higher level service
  • DPC physicians are taking home 50-100% more income (or scaling back hours)
  • Patient satisfaction rates exceed Google and Apple
  • Downstream costs for the most expensive facets of healthcare (surgical, specialist & ED visits) are reduced 40-80%



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