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Video to Congress from the Direct Primary Care Coalition

Video to Congress from the Direct Primary Care Coalition

The Direct Primary Care Coalition has produced a video message to Congress, underlining the value of direct primary care (DPC) in boosting the country’s ailing health care system and real cost savings.



The Message to Congress Made by the Direct Primary Care Coalition



The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 includes a provision that allows non-insurance based direct primary care medical homes to compete in state-based insurance “exchanges” starting in 2014.

Their inclusion will enable more Americans to choose direct primary care, a far less expensive alternative to conventional insurance, as the leading option for their health care. It will also offer every American the opportunity to avail of high-quality and more affordable primary health care straight off from the provider rather than through an insurance company.

Regulations implementing the Affordable Care Act, including those governing direct primary care, are already being drafted. Direct primary care models will be included in the upcoming health care reform and will be available in state-based insurance exchanges. However, direct primary care won’t qualify unless bundled with the health plan sold by insurance companies.

Proponents of direct primary care, state lawmakers, providers, and patients are all aware that getting the rules regarding primary health care written correctly is of major importance.

They are advocating for the Secretary of The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to:

  • Model the Affordable Care Act after Washington State’s primary care law, and
  • Ensure that federal regulations will allow direct primary care practices to remain separate from insurance companies

The video message to Congress stresses the strong points of direct primary care and its important role in the future of America’s health care.

By being independent of insurance companies, Americans can be assured of continued top-quality primary care at a very affordable cost.

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