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More Doctors Move Away From Medicare to Direct Primary Care

More Doctors Move Away From Medicare to Direct Primary Care

Direct primary care or concierge medicine is attracting more doctors who have had enough of the paperwork, low payout, and pressures of Medicare. In his article entitled 1 in 10 Doctor Practices Flee Medicare To Concierge Medicine,’s healthcare specialist Bruce Japsen writes:

As the federal government gets more involved in mass medicine, a growing number of doctors got fed up with the red tape, overhead, low payment, and the limited number of patients that they can see which prevents them from earning a sustainable income.



This move from mass healthcare to individualized medicine will enable physicians who own their practice to receive payment directly from their patients, without the difficulties and unreliability linked to Medicare.

Here are more excerpts from Bruce Japsen’s article:

The movement is across all medical disciplines with 6.8 percent of all physicians planning to stop taking insurance in favor of concierge-style medicine or so-called “direct primary care.”


“Physicians have been running for cover for several years now,” said Mark Smith, president of Merritt Hawkins. “There is a lot of uncertainty in health care now and the only certainty is there is a lot of talk about cutting physicians fees. One way to get out of it is to go off the grid.”

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At this moment, direct primary care gains more support from patients and doctors who want to show the Obama administration and Congress that this model can provide better healthcare at a lower cost.

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