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Health Insurers Worried Over Direct Primary Care Model

Health Insurers Worried Over Direct Primary Care Model

Before there was direct primary care, “concierge” or VIP medicine catered only to the wealthy sector of society, creating a more distinguished level of health care for those who can pay the price. Today, however, many health care providers all over the country are starting to adopt a new version of concierge medicine but this time no longer just for those who can afford.

An article posted by Ibanga Umanah on JUMP  cites Qliance as “… a model of primary care that cuts the insurance company out in an effort to simplify the entire health care process.



Below is an excerpt from the article :

The thing is, Qliance’s is not health insurance. It’s a new payment model. In a recent New York Times article Qliance is referred to as direct primary care. It’s an approach insurance companies are deeply worried about. After all, as Qliance says, “we operate outside the insurance system.” Qliance is almost like concierge medicine – personal, 24/7 care, but no longer just for the wealthy.

Since it is not insurance, the direct primary care model has opened the door to a more affordable health care to a lot of people, including small employers and the uninsured.


Dr. Erika Bliss, Qliance’s CEO, liked the concierge association – just pay the doctor a fair price directly. You skip the whole insurance ordeal entirely. “We want to grow this and bring the price point down to the average American,” Dr. Bliss explains.


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